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Seven Historical Suites


Nestled in the heart of Trieste, Italy, the Seven Historical Suites aparthotel offers a unique blend of historical elegance and modern comfort. This exquisite accommodation option stands out for its ability to immerse guests in the rich cultural tapestry of Trieste while providing all the conveniences of contemporary living. Whether you're visiting for business or leisure, Seven Historical Suites promises an unforgettable stay.

A Fusion of History and Modernity

Upon stepping into Seven Historical Suites, guests are immediately transported to a world where history and modernity coexist harmoniously. Each suite is meticulously designed to reflect the historical essence of Trieste, with careful attention to detail that ensures a stay that is both luxurious and culturally enriching. The aparthotel seamlessly integrates modern amenities with historical decor, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and awe-inspiring.

Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience

The suites at Seven Historical Suites are designed with the utmost comfort and convenience in mind. Spacious layouts, elegant furnishings, and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that every need is catered to. From fully equipped kitchens for those who love to cook, to comfortable living areas perfect for relaxation after a day of exploring Trieste, the aparthotel offers a home away from home experience. High-speed internet access and modern entertainment systems are just the icing on the cake, ensuring that both leisure and business travelers can stay connected and entertained throughout their stay.

The Heart of Trieste at Your Doorstep

Location is everything, and Seven Historical Suites boasts an enviable position in the heart of Trieste. Guests have the city's most iconic landmarks, charming cafes, and exquisite restaurants within easy reach. The aparthotel serves as the perfect base from which to explore the vibrant culture, history, and gastronomy of this captivating Italian city. Whether you're interested in visiting historic sites, indulging in local cuisine, or simply soaking up the atmosphere of Trieste's bustling streets, everything is just a stone's throw away.

A Commitment to Excellence

What truly sets Seven Historical Suites apart is its commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every stay is memorable, offering personalized services and catering to individual needs. This dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of the aparthotel, from the impeccably maintained suites to the thoughtful amenities and services provided to guests.

Experience the Magic of Trieste with Seven Historical Suites

For those seeking an accommodation option that combines the charm of historical Trieste with the comforts of modern living, Seven Historical Suites is the perfect choice. Its unique blend of history, luxury, and location makes it an ideal choice for travelers looking to experience the best of what Trieste has to offer. Book your stay and prepare to be enchanted by the magic of Seven Historical Suites and the captivating city of Trieste.

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Residence San Giusto


Nestled in the heart of Trieste, Residence San Giusto offers a unique blend of comfort and convenience, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a memorable stay in this historic city. With its array of services and amenities, this aparthotel stands out as a beacon of hospitality, ready to welcome guests with open arms and ensure their stay is nothing short of spectacular.

Unmatched Comfort and Convenience

Residence San Giusto prides itself on providing a home away from home experience. The aparthotel features a variety of apartment types, including studio, one-bedroom, one-bedroom master, and two-bedroom options, catering to the needs of solo travelers, couples, and families alike. Each apartment is designed with comfort and convenience in mind, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Around-the-Clock Service

One of the standout features of Residence San Giusto is its 24/7 reception. No matter the time of day or night, the friendly and attentive staff are always available to assist guests with their needs, from providing local recommendations to ensuring a smooth and comfortable stay. This round-the-clock service exemplifies the aparthotel's commitment to guest satisfaction.

Culinary Delights and More

Guests at Residence San Giusto can start their day with a delightful buffet breakfast, offering a variety of options to suit all tastes. The aparthotel also boasts a restaurant with three tasting menus, à la carte options, daily specials, and group menus, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Whether you're craving local cuisine or international dishes, the restaurant caters to all palates.

Additional Amenities for a Seamless Stay

Understanding the needs of modern travelers, Residence San Giusto offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property, allowing guests to stay connected with loved ones or attend to business matters with ease. Additionally, the aparthotel features a garage for guests traveling by car, providing peace of mind and convenience. For those staying longer or simply needing fresh attire, the laundry service ensures your clothing is clean and ready to wear, adding to the comfort of your stay.

The Ideal Base to Explore Trieste

Located in the picturesque city of Trieste, Residence San Giusto serves as the perfect base for exploring the rich history and culture of the region. From its strategic location, guests can easily access the city's major attractions, vibrant cafes, and stunning architecture, making every day an adventure.

Discover the Charm of Residence San Giusto in Trieste, Italy

In conclusion, Residence San Giusto in Trieste, Italy, offers an unparalleled lodging experience, combining the comforts of home with the luxuries of a hotel. Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, this aparthotel promises a stay filled with comfort, convenience, and memorable moments.

Suite Maria Logo

Suite Maria


Nestled in the picturesque town of Buttrio, known for its rolling hills and exquisite wines, Suite Maria offers a serene and welcoming retreat for travelers. Whether you're visiting for business, leisure, or a bit of both, this aparthotel provides the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and local charm. With its strategic location, Suite Maria serves as an ideal base for exploring the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Tailored Accommodations for Every Traveler

Suite Maria boasts a selection of suites that cater to various needs and preferences, making it suitable for solo travelers, families, and groups looking to share their journey. Each suite is thoughtfully designed to offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere, featuring a bedroom, living room/kitchenette, and bathroom. The furnishings are simple yet of high quality, ensuring a comfortable stay without compromising on style or functionality. From the modern amenities such as TV and Wi-Fi to the convenience of a kitchenette for those who love autonomy, Suite Maria has everything you need to feel at home.

Ideal for Business and Leisure

For business travelers and those seeking a temporary residence, Suite Maria's apartments offer the perfect solution. The blend of hotel-like services with the privacy and space of an apartment provides a seamless experience, allowing guests to focus on work or unwind after a busy day. The warm and homely environment ensures that even the most extended stays are comfortable and enjoyable, making Suite Maria a preferred choice for professionals and families alike.

Discover Buttrio and Beyond

Buttrio is not just a destination; it's a gateway to the wonders of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. From the historic streets of Udine to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Cividale del Friuli, and the architectural marvels of Palmanova and Trieste, guests at Suite Maria are perfectly positioned to embark on a journey of discovery. The region's renowned vineyards and culinary delights offer a taste of Italy that is both authentic and unforgettable.

Your Perfect Retreat in Buttrio

Suite Maria is more than just an aparthotel; it's a place where comfort meets culture, where every stay is an opportunity to explore and relax in equal measure. With its welcoming atmosphere, personalized service, and attention to detail, Suite Maria ensures that every guest's experience is unique and memorable. Whether you're here to explore the vineyards, delve into the region's history, or simply escape the everyday, Suite Maria in Buttrio is your home away from home in the beautiful Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Housemuhlbach Wellness and Aqua Spa Resort Logo

Housemuhlbach Wellness and Aqua Spa Resort

Kitchen, Gym +1

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Dolomites in Sappada, Italy, the Housemuhlbach Wellness and Aqua Spa Resort offers a unique blend of natural beauty, luxurious comfort, and rejuvenating wellness experiences. This charming aparthotel is the perfect getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in the tranquility of the mountains. Let's explore what makes Housemuhlbach a must-visit destination for travelers seeking relaxation and adventure in equal measure.

A Serene Setting Amidst Majestic Mountains

Sappada, a hidden gem in the Dolomites, provides a stunning backdrop for the Housemuhlbach Wellness and Aqua Spa Resort. The resort's location offers breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and valleys, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. Guests can enjoy the serene environment and the fresh mountain air, which together create a sense of peace and rejuvenation from the moment they arrive.

Luxurious Accommodations with a Homely Feel

The Housemuhlbach offers a variety of accommodations to suit the needs of every traveler. From cozy apartments to spacious suites, each option is designed with comfort and style in mind. The interiors blend modern amenities with traditional alpine decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels like a home away from home. Whether you're on a romantic getaway or a family vacation, you'll find the perfect space to relax and unwind.

Revitalize Your Senses at the Aqua Spa

One of the highlights of the Housemuhlbach Wellness and Aqua Spa Resort is its exquisite spa facility. The Aqua Spa is a sanctuary of wellness, offering a range of treatments and therapies designed to rejuvenate the body and mind. Guests can indulge in massages, facials, and body treatments, or relax in the sauna, steam room, and indoor pool. The spa's use of natural, locally sourced products ensures a truly authentic and revitalizing experience.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

For those eager to explore the great outdoors, Housemuhlbach Wellness and Aqua Spa Resort provides the perfect base. The surrounding area of Sappada is a playground for adventure enthusiasts, with activities ranging from hiking and biking in the summer to skiing and snowboarding in the winter. The resort's proximity to the mountains means that guests have easy access to a variety of trails and slopes, catering to all levels of experience.

A Culinary Journey Through Italian Cuisine

Dining at the Housemuhlbach is an experience in itself. The resort's restaurant serves a delightful array of dishes that showcase the best of Italian cuisine, with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients. Guests can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast to start their day, and later dine on expertly prepared meals that are both delicious and nourishing. The warm and attentive service adds to the dining experience, making each meal a memorable part of your stay.

Experience the Magic of Housemuhlbach Wellness and Aqua Spa Resort

The Housemuhlbach Wellness and Aqua Spa Resort in Sappada, Italy, is more than just a place to stay; it's a destination that offers a blend of relaxation, adventure, and culinary delights. With its stunning location, luxurious accommodations, top-notch wellness facilities, and access to outdoor activities, it's the perfect choice for travelers looking to experience the beauty and serenity of the Dolomites. Book your stay and discover the enchantment of Housemuhlbach, where every moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories.

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