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Giardino dei Trulli


Nestled in the heart of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its quaint trulli buildings, Giardino dei Trulli offers a unique and unforgettable stay in one of Italy's most picturesque destinations. This charming aparthotel combines the traditional architectural beauty of Apulia with modern comforts, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit. Let's embark on a journey to explore what makes Giardino dei Trulli a must-visit destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure.

A Blend of Tradition and Comfort

Giardino dei Trulli stands out for its commitment to preserving the historical essence of Alberobello's trulli while providing guests with contemporary amenities. Each apartment is a testament to the area's rich cultural heritage, featuring whitewashed walls, conical roofs, and stone floors. However, modern comforts are not overlooked. Guests can enjoy fully equipped kitchens, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, making each stay as comfortable as it is enchanting.

Serene Gardens and Outdoor Bliss

One of the highlights of Giardino dei Trulli is its lush, meticulously maintained garden. This tranquil oasis offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Guests can unwind amidst the vibrant flora, enjoy a leisurely breakfast under the shade of olive trees, or simply soak in the peaceful ambiance. The garden also provides a picturesque backdrop for enjoying a glass of local wine as the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the trulli.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

Staying at Giardino dei Trulli offers more than just a place to rest; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle of Alberobello. The aparthotel's location is ideal for exploring the town's narrow streets, discovering traditional craft shops, and tasting regional delicacies. It serves as a gateway to experiencing the authentic charm of Apulia, from its historic architecture to its warm, welcoming community.

An Ideal Base for Exploring Apulia

Beyond the allure of Alberobello, Giardino dei Trulli serves as an excellent base for exploring the wider region of Apulia. Whether you're interested in visiting the stunning coastline, exploring other historic towns, or indulging in the culinary delights of Southern Italy, everything is within easy reach. The aparthotel's strategic location ensures that guests can conveniently discover the best of what Apulia has to offer, making every day an adventure.

A Stay to Remember

Giardino dei Trulli promises not just a place to stay but an experience to cherish. It's a destination where history, culture, and nature converge to create a truly magical atmosphere. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo retreat, this aparthotel in Alberobello offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern convenience. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of Giardino dei Trulli and the enchanting town of Alberobello, where every moment is a step into a fairy tale.

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Trulli Contento


Nestled in the heart of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its enchanting trulli buildings, Trulli Contento offers a unique and unforgettable stay in one of Italy's most picturesque locales. This aparthotel seamlessly blends traditional charm with modern comforts, providing an ideal retreat for travelers seeking both authenticity and luxury.

Experience Authentic Italian Living

Trulli Contento is more than just a place to stay; it's an invitation to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Alberobello. Each apartment is housed within a beautifully restored trullo, offering guests a rare opportunity to live within these iconic conical structures that have stood the test of time. The meticulous attention to detail in the preservation and restoration of these buildings ensures that every guest can experience the magic of traditional Italian living without sacrificing contemporary comforts.

Modern Comforts in a Timeless Setting

Despite their historical exteriors, each apartment within Trulli Contento is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay. From fully equipped kitchens and cozy living areas to air conditioning and free Wi-Fi, every aspect of your stay is catered to. The interiors are tastefully decorated to complement the rustic charm of the trulli, with hand-selected furnishings and local artisanal touches that add to the authentic atmosphere.

A Gateway to Explore Alberobello and Beyond

Trulli Contento's prime location in Alberobello makes it the perfect base for exploring this captivating town and the surrounding region of Puglia. Just steps away from your door, you can wander through the narrow streets lined with trulli, discover local crafts in quaint shops, and indulge in the delicious cuisine of the region at nearby restaurants. The aparthotel's central location also means that many of Alberobello's most famous sights and attractions are within easy walking distance.

Embrace the Tranquility

One of the most remarkable features of Trulli Contento is the sense of peace and tranquility it offers. Despite its central location, the aparthotel is a serene oasis where guests can relax and unwind. The private terraces and gardens are perfect for enjoying the mild Mediterranean climate, offering a secluded spot to enjoy a morning coffee or an evening glass of local wine under the stars.

A Stay to Remember

Trulli Contento is not just a place to sleep; it's a destination in its own right. It offers a unique blend of historical significance, cultural immersion, modern convenience, and serene beauty, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking to experience the best of Alberobello and the wider region of Puglia. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Trulli Contento promises an unforgettable stay filled with charm, comfort, and discovery.

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